trunk criss cross pattern

"trunk criss cross pattern" is a high quality, high resolution photo featuring woods and trees. It can be found with other related photos in the picture gallery called Wood and Bark Textures. There are a number of other galleries and photos available in the Woods and Trees section(s) of the website. They contain many woods and trees images of various types and styles. Tap or click anywhere on the image to see a better quality version in a lightbox popup. You can save it to to your laptop, computer, tablet or other device by selecting the green download button underneath it. A higher resolution version of "trunk criss cross pattern", without the watermark, is available upon request.

trunk criss cross pattern
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Woods and Trees Information

Photographs and photo galleries of trees, woods and woodland. A tree is a woody perennial plant, typically having a single stem or trunk growing to a considerable height and bearing lateral branches. The trunk or main stem of the tree is permanently woody, and the branches usually develop some distance from the ground.

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