avatar head outlineHi, Welcome to my Photo Blog! The aim of this site is to create words and pictures about interesting things i see around me such as a beautiful landscape, a smiling face, an athletic cat running up a tree or a dopey dog lazing in the sun. In the process of recording these images i am making an expanding collection of high quality, high definition, free photos about nature, animals, people and places. So i want Photorasa to be an interesting photo blog as well as a useful internet image resource. All the images here are at least 1920 x 1080 pixels with higher resolutions available upon request. I hope you enjoy your stay! :)

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swan head from above
swan neck three point turn
swan orange beak

The Art of Swans

A selection of swan photographs, many of them adjusted and modified for artistic effect. Most of the pictures are in black and …

tiny water droplets on small leaf
water droplets on edge of leaf
round blobs of water on tiny leaf

Dewdrops on Tiny Leaves

Initially you would look at these pictures and think “how can such large bubbles of water just be sitting on these leaves …

brown campbell duck

The Birds at Greenworld

Situated by the side of the A229, just past the village of Staplehurst, sits the seemingly innocuous pet shop called Greenworld, but …

the union mill

The Union Windmill in Cranbrook

This is a charming place to visit – a proper working windmill managed by knowledgeable and devoted volunteers from Cranbrook village and the surrounding area. If …

abdomen pattern of orange cross spider

Garden spiders

The common UK Garden Spider, also known as the Cross Spider because of the distinctive marks on its back. It is a …

male wolf spider

Wolf Spiders

Wolf spiders are members of the family of spiders called Lycosidae in latin, meaning wolf. This name is attributed to them because …

hot air balloon silhouette and sun

Balloons in the Evening Sky

Hot air balloons floating in the evening sky. The photos were taken at the Bull pub on Linton Hill, near Maidstone in …

1th century oil on canvas of unknown man in cravat

Stoneacre House Paintings

A selection of photos of most of the paintings found at Stoneacre House, featuring original artwork from 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. …

front of house by pruned bush

Stoneacre House in Otham

Stoneacre House is situated near Otham village in the depths of Kentish farm country, a little hidden treasure of a country home …

backlit seagull


A selection of high quality seagull images from various locations around the uk.