avatar head outlineA photo blog about loving life and sharing my profound appreciation for the world around us. My goal is to make a positive contribution to the webiverse by making and sharing inspirational photos. I want to show nature in all its glory, the animals we share the world with, the people I meet and the places I go. I carefully observe life and nature and capture amazing moments forever in photos and images - be it a cat nimbly climbing a tree, a smile from a stranger or autumn light falling on golden leaves. Many images featured here are in high resolution – at least 1920 x 1080 pixels – and shot with professional camera equipment. Enjoy the sunshine!

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male house sparrow
robin redbreast close up
sparrow in greenery

HDR Birds

A selection of bird photos with a high dynamic range filter applied. Of course hdr filters should normally only be used in …

tiny water droplets on small leaf
ater droplets on edge of leaf
round blobs of water on tiny leaf

Dewdrops on Tiny Leaves

Initially you would look at these pictures and think “how can such large bubbles of water just be sitting on these leaves …

swan in sunlight

Swan in Sunlight

A beam of sunlight beautifully catching the face and neck of a white swan, highlighting the tiny droplets of water freckled across …

male common blue and on purple flower
male common blue and yellow flowers
female common blue proboscis

Common Blue Butterfly

Various photos of the common blue butterfly – males and females – taken in the south east of England, UK.

barnacle goose head
canadian goose by mooring ring
one legged barnacle goose

A Gaggle of Geese

A goose gallery – featuring photos of many different… Geese! Surprise, surprise. These large game birds are common in parks and open …

young swan bill
young swan tucked up
young swan

Young Swan

Photos of a young swan or juvenile or cygnet, or whatever name you want to use. Many are shot in black and …

cats bright whiskers
white black cat on bike seat
white paws

Black and White Cats

A gallery of photos featuring black and white cats of all shapes and sizes, in various positions and situations. The black and …

top of beak
waddling along
walking along

Black Swan

These shots were taken in the grounds of leeds castle in the late summer of 2013.