avatar head outlineHi, Welcome to my Photo Blog! The aim of this site is to create words and pictures about interesting things i see around me such as a beautiful landscape, a smiling face, an athletic cat running up a tree or a dopey dog lazing in the sun. In the process of recording these images i am making an expanding collection of high quality, high definition, free photos about nature, animals, people and places. So i want Photorasa to be an interesting photo blog as well as a useful internet image resource. All the images here are at least 1920 x 1080 pixels with higher resolutions available upon request. I hope you enjoy your stay! :)

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swan head from above
swan neck three point turn
swan orange beak

The Art of Swans

A selection of swan photographs, many of them adjusted and modified for artistic effect. Most of the pictures are in black and …

orange and red maple leaves


Various types of leaf – green, brown, yellow, old and new – at different times of the year. Leaves in Spring, Summer, …

children playing on fistral beach


Some scenic shots of Newquay and the surrounding area – fistral beach, the estuary at the river gannel, the rocks and scenery …

sheep turned to look


The ultimate farm animals, sheep are usually kept as livestock on farmland and provide three primary agricultural products of wool, meat and …

striped millipede

Long Brown Cylindroiulus Millipede

Given its appearance and location in England, i’m quite confident this critter is from the Cylindroiulus genus of the Julidae family of …

tractor going over teston bridge


Photos of scenes, vistas and landscapes with a farming theme, such as those featuring farm animals, crops, fields, farming machinery and farming …

apis mellifera honey bee balancing on top of flower

Honey Bees

A Honey bee is a flying insect who’s primary purpose is in the facilitating of the production and storage of honey in …

meadow brown on thistle flower

Meadow Brown Butterfly

The meadow brown (Maniola jurtina) is a common butterfly in the UK and across Europe, North Asia and North Africa. Its markings …

two ducks at pond

Mallard Ducks

The Mallard or Wild Duck is a hugely populous breed across most of the world and is the ancestor of most breeds …

soldier beetle


Beetles are a group of insects with a massive amount of species – more than any other order – that account for …