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A collection of photos and picture galleries of various animals – high quality and high detail photographs of birds, cats, dogs, insects, spiders and anything else that can move and breathe. What is animal? It is essentially a living organism which feeds on organic matter. It usually has specialized sense organs such as eyes and ears and a nervous system with which it is able to respond rapidly to stimuli from its surrounding, external environment. The word animal is derived from the latin ‘anima’ which means soul or breath, so one could also argue that any animal must also have a ‘soul’ of some kind.

little owl


Owls are an ancient and mystical bird, symbolised in many civilisations through human history. They are fearsome hunters and are usually active …

female common darter perched on flower


Dragonflies are large flying insects of the suborder Anisoptera in the order Odonata. They have two pairs of wings, a pair of large compound …

banded demoiselle damselfly


Damselflies are medium to large sized flying insects with large wings and long bodies. In scientific classification they are placed in the …

male thin abdomen hoverfly


Hoverflies are a large family of flying insects, many of which mimic the appearance of wasps and bees. The bodies of the flies …

gold fly eyes

Golden Fly

A shiny golden fly. This is a real insect I spotted sitting on a leaf. I do not know what species of fly …

water rail crouching

Water Rail by the Stream

Some shots of a water rail at Loose Stream near Maidstone in Kent. He was quite an elusive bird to shoot at first. …

head of silver tabby cat

Silver Tabby Cat

A beautiful spotter silver tabby cat, obviously with some pedigree in his genes given the strong face and markings. His appearance shows strong …

chick calling to mother

Baby Moorhen and Mother

Some intimate pictures of a moorhen and her little baby chick. The mother is walking through the undergrowth with one of her …

looking around

Green Woodpecker

A fairly common uk inhabitant, the green woodpecker ( Picus viridis ) is the biggest of the three species of woodpecker that …

moth antennae

Poplar Hawk Moth

The poplar hawk-moth (latin name Laothoe populi) is a moth of the family Sphingidae and derives its english name from its association …

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