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A collection of cat photos and galleries from Photorasa articles. A cat is a small, domesticated, carnivorous mammal with soft fur (of varying lengths and colours depending on the breed), a short snout, extravagant whiskers and retractable claws. Its Latin name is Felis Catus. The cat has evolved from arboreal, tree loving, wild mammals, via selective breeding, to become a very popular pet. It is also very efficient at catching mice, rats and other unwanted vermin that frequent human environments. It has been bred as a pet for a long time, potentially since the time of Ancient Egypt thousands of years ago. Many different cat breeds exist, such as manx, siamese, persian, egyptian, burmese and british blue. The number of cat breeds in existence varies depending on which organisation you ask but there are thought to be at least 50. Each breed can look quite distinctive from the other, with the cats displaying different facial characteristics and fur of various different patterns, colours and lengths.

head of silver tabby cat

Silver Tabby Cat

A beautiful spotter silver tabby cat, obviously with some pedigree in his genes given the strong face and markings. His appearance shows strong …

cats bright whiskers

Black and White Cats

A gallery of photos featuring black and white cats of all shapes and sizes, in various positions and situations. The black and …

ginger tabby face

Ginger Tabby Cat in Suburbia

Some photos of a ginger cat found moping about outside what, presumably, was his owner’s house. He is a long haired mongrel …

cat with his tongue out

Grey and Ginger Cat

This grey and ginger cat lives just up the road from my mum. He’s only got three legs but you cannot see …

Bengal Tiger

This lovely, adult bengal tiger can be seen at Smarden Big Cat Sanctuary in Kent

White Lioness

This beautiful big lady cat can be found at Smarden Big Cat Sanctuary in Kent. These shots were taken at feeding time. …

White Lion

Found at Smarden Big Cat Sanctuary rooting through some bins near the car park.

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