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sun peeking from behind loose church spire

Loose Village

Loose village (pronounced “lose”) is situated just off the A229 road near Maidstone. Located in the picturesque Loose Valley it is often referred to …

elaborate lierne rib vaulted ceiling above the nave

Canterbury Cathedral

I went to Canterbury Cathedral the other day to walk around and take some pics. It cost £10 entry fee but it was …

stained glass and religious statue

St Mary’s Church in Lenham

This church is located in the picturesque village of Lenham, located just off the A20 in between Maidstone and Ashford in Kent. …

children playing on fistral beach


Some scenic shots of Newquay and the surrounding area – fistral beach, the estuary at the river gannel, the rocks and scenery …

brown campbell duck

The Birds at Greenworld

Situated by the side of the A229, just past the village of Staplehurst, sits the seemingly innocuous pet shop called Greenworld, but …

the union mill

The Union Windmill in Cranbrook

This is a charming place to visit – a proper working windmill managed by knowledgeable and devoted volunteers from Cranbrook village and the surrounding area. If …

front of house by pruned bush

Stoneacre House in Otham

Stoneacre House is situated near Otham village in the depths of Kentish farm country, a little hidden treasure of a country home …