Dewdrops on Tiny Leaves

Initially you would look at these pictures and think “how can such large bubbles of water just be sitting on these leaves like that?” Well its because the leaves upon which they are sitting/hanging are actually really tiny – maybe one one centimetre long if I remember correctly – and those water bubbles are actually dewdrops. I should have included some sort of size comparison shot with a coin actually – i’ll do that next time!

I think it is beautiful the way the dewdrops seem to have randomly formed on the leaves – like chaos theory in motion – and how the size of the bubbles varies as well. This is why i love macro photography – it allows you to see in clear detail the patterns of nature you would normally miss with the naked eye. You are taking a glimpse into another world where everything is different but the same, a world we didn’t know existed until we peer down a camera lens. See more images like these in my tiny water droplets gallery.

Dewdrops on Tiny Leaves Photo Gallery

These pictures were taken using a simple 1 to 1 magnification macro lens. This equipment is very basic compared to that used in serious extreme macro photography. That involves even more magnification and various special techniques such as image stacking to create fully focused images. Image stacking is often required in macro photography because macro lenses have a very narrow depth of field, meaning only a small part of any given subject can be in focus at any one time. By combining images of the same subject with different parts in focus, one can create a complete focused image.

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