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A collection of bird photos and picture galleries from Photorasa articles. All the photos featured are of a high quality hd standard – 1920 x 1080 – featuring high levels of detail. All the photos are taken in the birds’ natural environment with no deliberate baiting or set ups. The only concession to this rule are the shots taken in the back gardens of homes where food has been left out. The feeding of birds near human habitations and in urban environments is part of a relationship between human beings and birds that goes back many, many centuries. One can argue strongly that the food available to birds due to the hobby of bird feeding has actually now become part of the bird’s natural environment. This food can become essential to many birds’ survival in cold weather when other means of getting food from the soil are not available.

little owl


Owls are an ancient and mystical bird, symbolised in many civilisations through human history. They are fearsome hunters and are usually active …

water rail crouching

Water Rail by the Stream

Some shots of a water rail at Loose Stream near Maidstone in Kent. He was quite an elusive bird to shoot at first. …

chick calling to mother

Baby Moorhen and Mother

Some intimate pictures of a moorhen and her little baby chick. The mother is walking through the undergrowth with one of her …

looking around

Green Woodpecker

A fairly common uk inhabitant, the green woodpecker ( Picus viridis ) is the biggest of the three species of woodpecker that …

two ducks at pond

Mallard Ducks

The Mallard or Wild Duck is a hugely populous breed across most of the world and is the ancestor of most breeds …

white head and black breast

Black and White Duck

Some black and white, high definition, high contrast shots of hybrid wild duck with a white breast.

robin with worm in beak


The robin redbreast or — is probably the most popular bird and well known bird in the United Kingdom. If you were …

brown campbell duck

The Birds at Greenworld

Situated by the side of the A229, just past the village of Staplehurst, sits the seemingly innocuous pet shop called Greenworld, but …

backlit seagull


A selection of high quality seagull images from various locations around the uk.

white breasted brown mallard crossbreed

Manky Mallards

When two different breeds of duck mate the resulting young they produce are often called “Manky Mallards” or “Hybrid Mallards”. They are …

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