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A collection of people portraits and photo galleries, mostly in black and white, featuring friends and acquaintances from my life. I’ve tried to capture those natural moments when my subjects have forgotten about or are comfortable with the camera being there.

2 old blokes sitting by the pigeons

Brian and Albert

Their typical day would consist firstly of going to the market to smooch around and check out any bargains, possibly detouring for …

light on face

Mario the Linguist

A man of rare passion and vigour, a wizard of a wordage, an emissary of eloquence. Mario is often happy to use …

roy looking down

Roy the Tree Surgeon

A tree surgeon and eccentric character from Loose village near Maidstone. If we were living 2000 years ago and the village was …



Revolutionary, Kind, Idealistic, Righteous

pointing and talking


Intelligent, Smiley, Intense, Determined


Chatty, Friendly, Thoughtful, Eccentric


Philosophical, Nature-loving, Happy-go-lucky, Thoughtful


Friendly, Gregarious, Idealistic, Genuine


Intense, Passionate, Enthusiastic, Cosmic

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