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A collection of photos and picture galleries of insects from Photorasa articles. Insects are small animals with the typical characteristics of being arthropod invertebrates – ie they have no backbone and an outer protective shell, having 6 legs, 3 distinct body parts – a head, thorax and abdomen – and often also having one or two pairs of wings. They make for fascinating macro photography subjects due to their small size and intricate features that are only displayed under magnification. Insects are the most numerous animals on earth consisting of thousands of species and subspecies including flies, beetles, butterflies, bees, wasps and many others. They play a vital role in Earth’s ecosystem as pests, pest controllers, food for other animals, disease carriers and pollinators.

female common darter perched on flower


Dragonflies are large flying insects of the suborder Anisoptera in the order Odonata. They have two pairs of wings, a pair of large compound …

banded demoiselle damselfly


Damselflies are medium to large sized flying insects with large wings and long bodies. In scientific classification they are placed in the …

male thin abdomen hoverfly


Hoverflies are a large family of flying insects, many of which mimic the appearance of wasps and bees. The bodies of the flies …

gold fly eyes

Golden Fly

A shiny golden fly. This is a real insect I spotted sitting on a leaf. I do not know what species of fly …

moth antennae

Poplar Hawk Moth

The poplar hawk-moth (latin name Laothoe populi) is a moth of the family Sphingidae and derives its english name from its association …

apis mellifera honey bee balancing on top of flower

Honey Bees

A Honey bee is a flying insect who’s primary purpose is in the facilitating of the production and storage of honey in …

meadow brown on thistle flower

Meadow Brown Butterfly

The meadow brown (Maniola jurtina) is a common butterfly in the UK and across Europe, North Asia and North Africa. Its markings …

soldier beetle


Beetles are a group of insects with a massive amount of species – more than any other order – that account for …

speckled wood in sunlight

Speckled Wood Butterfly

The speckled wood butterfly or Pararge aegeria is commonly found across Europe, North Africa, Northern Asia and Russia. Its markings feature patterns of …

elephant hawk moth tail spike

Elephant Hawk Moth Caterpillar

A large, impressive caterpillar with distinctive features, the elephant hawk moth has snake like markings over most of its body, 4 remarkable …

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