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Spider photos and picture galleries. They are small creatures similar to insects but have 8 legs instead of 6 and a fused head and thorax body section to go with the abdomen, as opposed to the three distinct body segments found on insects.

large spider near nest

Giant House Spiders

Known in the UK as the giant house spider, it is also known as¬†Tegenaria duellica or Tegenaria Gigantea. It is very closely …

common yellow orb spider

Common Orb Weaver Spiders

The yellow orb spider is a common web weaver found across Europe and beyond. It’s Latin name is Metellina Segmentata and it …

daddy long legs eating

Cellar Spiders

The cellar spider or Pholcus phalangioides is a common spider found across most of the world including Europe, Africa, Asia and the …

abdomen pattern of orange cross spider

Garden spiders

The common UK Garden Spider, also known as the Cross Spider because of the distinctive marks on its back. Garden spiders are …

male wolf spider

Wolf Spiders

Wolf spiders are members of the family of spiders called Lycosidae in latin, meaning wolf. This name is attributed to them because …

frozen spider

Frozen Spider

This spider is actually dead – I found it in an allotment shed, stretching its hairy legs out, frozen in its final …

leopard pattern spider abdomen

Leopard Spider

Found in the back garden, unsure of the species but has a beautiful animal skin leopard-type pattern on its abdomen.

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