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A collection of photos and picture galleries of flies. Flies are a group of insects of the order Diptera, with the primary characteristics of having 2 unprotected, transparent, veined wings with which they can fly.

male thin abdomen hoverfly


Hoverflies are a large family of flying insects, many of which mimic the appearance of wasps and bees. The bodies of the flies …

gold fly eyes

Golden Fly

A shiny golden fly. This is a real insect I spotted sitting on a leaf. I do not know what species of fly …

casting shadow

Flower and Fly

Shots of a some kind of fly on a yellow flower. I could not identify the fly, maybe it is some form …

plastic light pattern and marmalade fly

Hoverfly and Light

One hot summer evening plus a large kitchen light shining its goodness plus a nearby open window equals at least one insect …

hairy greenbottle fly eyes

Greenbottle Fly in Yellow

Shots of the colourful Greenbottle fly against the yellow background of a brightly yellow leaved plant. I think the greens and yellows …

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