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Photos and picture galleries of nature – A collection of articles featuring high quality and highly detailed photographs of landscapes, flowers, plants, woodland and other features and phenomena of the natural world.

italian pine with giarre in the background

Sicilian Landscapes

A collection of photos showing beautiful Sicilian landscapes. Many of these pictures were taken along the paths and roads around Mount Etna …

necklace of tiny water droplets on plant buds

Tiny Water Droplets on Plants

Tiny water droplets on plants (or anything really) are a photographical area of fascination for me. Why? Because they are a perfect …

yellow finger stamen of clematis

Strange Exotic Flowers

A collection of photos showing strange exotic flowers. The images may display an unusual flower or a common flowers but with a focus on …

large broken fly agaric mushroom in sunlight

Fly Agaric Red and White Mushroom

The Fly Agaric Mushroom (Amanita muscaria) is a striking fungus, known for its poisonously mind-altering psychedelic properties and strikingly colourful red dome …

twisted branches

Wood and Bark Textures

Photos of the wood and bark of various tree species, showing the textures and natural patterns that develop.

orange and red maple leaves


Various types of leaf – green, brown, yellow, old and new – at different times of the year. Leaves in Spring, Summer, …

children playing on fistral beach


Some scenic shots of Newquay and the surrounding area – fistral beach, the estuary at the river gannel, the rocks and scenery …

tractor going over teston bridge


Photos of scenes, vistas and landscapes with a farming theme, such as those featuring farm animals, crops, fields, farming machinery and farming …

two giant buttercups


The buttercup is known as — in latin and there are a large number of different varieties across the world.

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