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A selection of photos and galleries of various different flowers. Flowers are the seed bearing parts of a plant, usually consisting of its reproductive organs – the carpels and stamens – and a number of brightly coloured petals surrounding them in close proximity. These parts are all bound together by the green calyx, made up sepals that supported and protect the base of blooming flower.

yellow finger stamen of clematis

Strange Exotic Flowers

A collection of photos showing strange exotic flowers. The images may display an unusual flower or a common flowers but with a focus on …

two giant buttercups


The buttercup is known as — in latin and there are a large number of different varieties across the world.

flame rose petals

Summer Roses

Strikingly coloured roses and similar hybrids, lens filling shapes, patterns and hues showing nature at its glorious best.

casting shadow

Flower and Fly

Shots of a some kind of fly on a yellow flower. I could not identify the fly, maybe it is some form …

meaty pink rose and water drops

Pink Rose in the Rain

Selection of photos showing a pink rose covered in rain droplets, the reflections and refractions of the water creating patterns and changes …

Bluebells in the Woods

In many woodlands in Kent and across England, springtime means bluebell time, with vast swathes of the flowers spreading across woods and …

petals opening

Purple Autumn Crocuses

I found a large group of these beautiful crocuses growing together, next to a bench, on a small green in the village …

red tulip in sunlight

Red Tulip in Sunlight

I noticed this solitary tulip in my garden early one evening. The sunlight caught it so perfectly I just had to take …

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