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Butterfly photos and picture galleries. Butterflies are beautiful, colourful, flying insects with often intricately patterned wings. They are only active during daylight hours.

meadow brown on thistle flower

Meadow Brown Butterfly

The meadow brown (Maniola jurtina) is a common butterfly in the UK and across Europe, North Asia and North Africa. Its markings …

speckled wood in sunlight

Speckled Wood Butterfly

The speckled wood butterfly or¬†Pararge aegeria is commonly found across Europe, North Africa, Northern Asia and Russia. Its markings feature patterns of …

elephant hawk moth tail spike

Elephant Hawk Moth Caterpillar

A large, impressive caterpillar with distinctive features, the elephant hawk moth has snake like markings over most of its body, 4 remarkable …

side with eye

European Peacock Butterfly

A selection of images showing the Peacock Butterfly. This is the European Peacock of the genus Aglias Io as opposed to the …

tatty red admiral in dappled light

Red Admiral

A collection of various red admiral butterfly photos. The species’ Latin name is Vanessa Atalanta ( Vanessa means “butterfly” in Greek and …

butterfly front end

The Comma Collection

A common butterfly found throughout most of Europe, Asia and also Northern Africa. It’s latin name is “Polygonia c-album” and the species …

male common blue

Common Blue Butterfly

Various photos of the common blue butterfly – males and females – taken in the south east of England, UK.

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