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Woods and Trees

Photographs and photo galleries of trees, woods and woodland. A tree is a woody perennial plant, typically having a single stem or trunk growing to a considerable height and bearing lateral branches. The trunk or main stem of the tree is permanently woody, and the branches usually develop some distance from the ground.

twisted branches

Wood and Bark Textures

Photos of the wood and bark of various tree species, showing the textures and natural patterns that develop.

orange and red maple leaves


Various types of leaf – green, brown, yellow, old and new – at different times of the year. Leaves in Spring, Summer, …

damaged brown autumn dogwood leaf at sunset

Autumn Leaves

A collection of autumn leaves from around Maidstone, Kent, England. Most of the pics were taken around East Farleigh – near the …

autumn leaf in sun

Autumn and Dappled Light

I was walking through an orchard the other day and noticed beautiful dappled light falling through the tree leaves and branches onto …

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