Strange Exotic Flowers

A collection of photos showing strange exotic flowers. The images may display an unusual flower or a common flowers but with a focus on any unique or uncommon features that flower may have. The petals may be a funny colour, the stamen might have a rare or unique shape or it may have some other weird characteristic highlighted by the photo. I have captured many of the images from various imaginative camera angles, often using a macro close-up camera lens to focus on particular areas of the flower. In this way an everyday object such as a simple flower can be viewed in a strange and exotic new way. Rather than seeing a boring daisy, we might see a strange and other-worldy organism that seems more like an alien lifeform than any earthly plant.

Strange Exotic Flowers Photo Gallery

Most of the flowers here can be found in Kent, South East England, though a number of pictures were taken during a visit to the Eden Project. This is a large nature project based in Cornwall with lots of interesting things to see and do. The biggest attractions are 2 large biomes that imitate rainforest and mediterranean climates. These impressive biomes support a sustainable ecosystem containing a wide variety of flowers and plants that can be found in countries like Brazil and Greece, for example.

New content will be added to the gallery as I find and create more images of strange and exotic flowers. You can bookmark this page in your browser to keep up-to-date with any new additional photos I add.

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