Cellar Spiders

The cellar spider or Pholcus phalangioides is a common spider found across most of the world including Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas. It likes warm, covered, dark areas such as cellars (hence its name) and other dark corners of houses – the cellar spider is not a fan of cold weather. The diameter of the female (including legs) is approximately 7cm (males are slightly smaller) which is quite big for a UK spider though small compared to tarantulas and other big spiders in warmer climates. The cellar spider is considered a good spider to have around the house because it is a natural predator for many other spiders, including venomous species.

The cellar spiders’ nickname in the UK is the “daddy long-legs” due to its elongated limbs and it’s fairly large size. This is an often confusing nickname because it is also shared with the harvestman and the crane fly, two other creatures with long legs and small bodies.

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