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A collection of photos and picture galleries of insects from Photorasa articles. Insects are small animals with the typical characteristics of being arthropod invertebrates – ie they have no backbone and an outer protective shell, having 6 legs, 3 distinct body parts – a head, thorax and abdomen – and often also having one or two pairs of wings. They make for fascinating macro photography subjects due to their small size and intricate features that are only displayed under magnification. Insects are the most numerous animals on earth consisting of thousands of species and subspecies including flies, beetles, butterflies, bees, wasps and many others. They play a vital role in Earth’s ecosystem as pests, pest controllers, food for other animals, disease carriers and pollinators.

side with eye

European Peacock Butterfly

A selection of images showing the Peacock Butterfly. This is the European Peacock of the genus Aglias Io as opposed to the …

casting shadow

Flower and Fly

Shots of a some kind of fly on a yellow flower. I could not identify the fly, maybe it is some form …

plastic light pattern and marmalade fly

Hoverfly and Light

One hot summer evening plus a large kitchen light shining its goodness plus a nearby open window equals at least one insect …

tatty red admiral in dappled light

Red Admiral

A collection of various red admiral butterfly photos. The species’ Latin name is Vanessa Atalanta ( Vanessa means “butterfly” in Greek and …

hairy greenbottle fly eyes

Greenbottle Fly in Yellow

Shots of the colourful Greenbottle fly against the yellow background of a brightly yellow leaved plant. I think the greens and yellows …

butterfly front end

The Comma Collection

A common butterfly found throughout most of Europe, Asia and also Northern Africa. It’s latin name is “Polygonia c-album” and the species …

male common blue

Common Blue Butterfly

Various photos of the common blue butterfly – males and females – taken in the south east of England, UK.

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