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A collection of photos and picture galleries of various animals – high quality and high detail photographs of birds, cats, dogs, insects, spiders and anything else that can move and breathe. What is animal? It is essentially a living organism which feeds on organic matter. It usually has specialized sense organs such as eyes and ears and a nervous system with which it is able to respond rapidly to stimuli from its surrounding, external environment. The word animal is derived from the latin ‘anima’ which means soul or breath, so one could also argue that any animal must also have a ‘soul’ of some kind.

sheep turned to look


The ultimate farm animals, sheep are usually kept as livestock on farmland and provide three primary agricultural products of wool, meat and …

striped millipede

Long Brown Cylindroiulus Millipede

Given its appearance and location in England, i’m quite confident this critter is from the Cylindroiulus genus of the Julidae family of …

apis mellifera honey bee balancing on top of flower

Honey Bees

A Honey bee is a flying insect who’s primary purpose is in the facilitating of the production and storage of honey in …

meadow brown on thistle flower

Meadow Brown Butterfly

The meadow brown (Maniola jurtina) is a common butterfly in the UK and across Europe, North Asia and North Africa. Its markings …

two ducks at pond

Mallard Ducks

The Mallard or Wild Duck is a hugely populous breed across most of the world and is the ancestor of most breeds …

soldier beetle


Beetles are a group of insects with a massive amount of species – more than any other order – that account for …

squirrel and whiskers


Squirrels are small land mammals known for their big bushy tails and mischievous intelligence. They are members of the Sciuridae family which …

red brown cow


The ultimate farm animal, the cow or Bos Taurus is bred primarily for its meat and milk, and as a beast of …

large spider near nest

Giant House Spiders

Known in the UK as the giant house spider, it is also known as¬†Tegenaria duellica or Tegenaria Gigantea. It is very closely …

white head and black breast

Black and White Duck

Some black and white, high definition, high contrast shots of hybrid wild duck with a white breast.

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