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A collection of bird photos and picture galleries from Photorasa articles. All the photos featured are of a high quality hd standard – 1920 x 1080 – featuring high levels of detail. All the photos are taken in the birds’ natural environment with no deliberate baiting or set ups. The only concession to this rule are the shots taken in the back gardens of homes where food has been left out. The feeding of birds near human habitations and in urban environments is part of a relationship between human beings and birds that goes back many, many centuries. One can argue strongly that the food available to birds due to the hobby of bird feeding has actually now become part of the bird’s natural environment. This food can become essential to many birds’ survival in cold weather when other means of getting food from the soil are not available.

male house sparrow

HDR Birds

A selection of bird photos with a high dynamic range filter applied. Of course hdr filters should normally only be used in …

robin spooked by something

Robin in Sunlight

A beautiful robin redbreast sitting on a branch in the sun. As I was trying to get a shot he kept bobbing …

cormorant eye and beak

Cormorant by the River

I didn’t think cormorants liked the company of other birds but this chap was the exception, sitting there contentedly among the pigeons, …

here comes mum

Family of House Martins Nesting

A gallery of photos showing house martins nesting below the eaves of Chiddingstone Castle. The pictures show up to two baby house …

swanling relaxing

Swanling Relaxing

Swanling or cygnet relaxing and keeping his beak warm by tucking it under his wing.

swan in sunlight

Swan in Sunlight

A beam of sunlight beautifully catching the face and neck of a white swan, highlighting the tiny droplets of water freckled across …

Some Pretty Pollys

These are pics of various parrots at a charity exhibition for Birdline UK Parrot Rescue at Brixham Harbour, Devon. The pink cockatoo didn’t like …

Seagull Ride

Shot taken from a rooftop by the sea in Brixham, Devon

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