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A selection of photos and picture galleries of Horses. A horse of the domesticated variety can be described as a large, solid-hoofed, plant-eating quadruped or four legged animal, known in latin as ‘Equus caballus.’ It has been domesticated since prehistoric times and has been a vital factor in the evolution and expansion of the human race both as a means of travel and a beast of burden. The domestic horse has been bred into a number of varieties, and each tend to accentuate particular characteristics depending on their intended usage, be that the shire horse for its muscularity and stamina for pulling loads or the thoroughbred horse for its speed and elegance for racing.

afternoon sun catching white neck hair of pony

Gypsy Ponies in the Evening Sun

Selection of photos of ponies taken at sunset as the sun was disappearing. The animals were grazing in a field near Paddock …

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