Hey there Gypsy Ponies, can we be Friends?

In all my years in this world, I’ve never said hello to a gypsy pony, I didn’t even know what a gypsy pony looked like. This was something that needed to be rectified. This was something I needed to experience. As I was walking through the countryside thinking this and numerous other strange thoughts, whistling and barking erratically as I went, where would I find myself but in a field full of small horses. What outrageous coincidence was this? Were these creatures before me actually gypsy ponies? Could I be dreaming? They looked a bit rough and ready – a bit raggedy – but none-the-less seemingly well fed and cared for. They were also very friendly, groups of 2 and 3 coming over at once to say hello and have a stroke. They were obviously used to being handled by humans. One of the ponies had blond curly hair on her head like a barbie doll or goldilocks, some young girl’s pride and joy maybe.

But are they gypsy ponies? I have no idea. The Wikipedia entry indicates a pretty broad description of what this constitutes. However,  the combined features of piebald / skewbald / pinto colour, some feathering – long hair falling from the knees to cover the hocks and hooves and a friendly disposition indicate these are indeed Gypsy Ponies though maybe not “Proper Cobs” – good specimens. Though I might be wrong about this. Some of these ponies might scrub up pretty well after a good bath and a hair cut.

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