Chiddingstone Castle

I went to the castle while also visiting Chiddingstone Church nearby with my mate Austine. There was a fair few acres of woodland open to the public (at least i think they were)  featuring woodland and a river running through the property Рthere were a number of people fishing by its banks when we went. As for Chiddingstone Castle itself, I think it would make a great location for an episode of Midsomer Murders or Lovejoy Рif it was still on. Or Lady Penelope from Thunderbirds could live there.

There was an old man wearing a bright yellow cravat sitting in the pub garden next door to the castle grounds. He was about 70. He had long grey hair and a beard. He was wearing brown boaters. My mate said the classic silver sports car parked near him – presumably his – was of a rare french sports vintage and worth ¬£150,000. I should have taken his picture but I didn’t because his demeanor intimidated me. Next time i’ll bring a gun.

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