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avatar head outlineHello and welcome to my Photo Blog! My subjects are mainly centered on nature - all the wonderful plants, animals and everything else that make up this wonderful world of ours. I am also interested in architecture, religion and people as topics for my photos. This site also documents the sites i have seen and the places i have been on during my travels around the world. All images featured here are available for download in 1080p resolution or equivalent. They are also available at a higher resolution with the watermark removed. Please contact me if you are interested. I hope you enjoy your stay,

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male thin abdomen hoverfly


Hoverflies are a large family of flying insects, many of which mimic the appearance of wasps and bees. The bodies of the flies …

sun peeking from behind loose church spire

Loose Village

Loose village (pronounced “lose”) is situated just off the A229 road near Maidstone. Located in the picturesque Loose Valley it is often referred to …

gold fly eyes

Golden Fly

A shiny golden fly. This is a real insect I spotted sitting on a leaf. I do not know what species of fly …

water rail crouching

Water Rail by the Stream

Some shots of a water rail at Loose Stream near Maidstone in Kent. He was quite an elusive bird to shoot at first. …

head of silver tabby cat

Silver Tabby Cat

A beautiful spotter silver tabby cat, obviously with some pedigree in his genes given the strong face and markings. His appearance shows strong …

necklace of tiny water droplets on plant buds

Tiny Water Droplets on Plants

Tiny water droplets on plants (or anything really) are a photographical area of fascination for me. Why? Because they are a perfect …

yellow finger stamen of clematis

Strange Exotic Flowers

A collection of photos showing strange exotic flowers. The images may display an unusual flower or a common flowers but with a focus on …

stained glass patchwork of people and faces

Old Dutch and Flemish Stained Glass

Edward Spencer Curling (1772 – 1850) collected various stained glass fragments in the Low Countries, the remains of iconoclasm and change of …

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