All Saints Church in Staplehurst, Kent

All Saints Church, Staplehurst is situated near the centre of the village, on top of the hill nearly opposite the Kings Head pub. Given its location, it is sometimes referred to as “The Church on the Hill.”

The church was built around 1100 to serve the various farmers and farm-hands who worked the land in the surrounding area. It actually predates Staplehurst village itself by well over 100 years. The church has been built upon and expanded many times since its initial construction. Evidence of the original building be seen in the herring bone brickwork on the side of the church. Unfortunately hardly any of the original stained glass art has survived, almost all destroyed in the religious purge of 1559, though there is a very nice later stained glass on the east wall.

You can find more information about this lovely little church and its services at the Staplehurst All Saints Church website.


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