Smarden Big Cat Sanctuary

Its a great place if you love your big cats! You would never expect Smarden Big Cat Sanctuary to hold such majestic natural horrors, it being  innocuously situated in the country wilds of Kent. You might think an over-zealous squirrel could potentially hold the greatest danger in these parts but you would be wrong – dead wrong! SBCS features white lions, white lionesses, jaguars, servals, bengal tigers and numerous other big scary beautiful cats. This is about as close as you could get to seeing them in their natural habitat because the big cats here don’t normally have to suffer large crowds of people gawping at them – this place is only open a handful of days per year. Its function is first and foremost as a sanctuary for big cats from all over the world that zoo’s or owners do not want or cannot keep anymore. SBCS also operates breeding programmes with zoo’s around the world in an attempt to keep big cat bloodlines pure and healthy.  I was really lucky then to go there in August and see all these beautiful animals. Thumbs up! Go Tigers!

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