St Dunstan’s Church in Cranbrook

Situated in the large village of Cranbrook, near Maidstone in Kent, St Dunstan’s is a large and impressive parish church know in some quarters as “The Cathedral of the Weald.” This moniker reflects the impressive size of the church due to the wealth of Flemish weavers who settled around Cranbrook in the 1330’s. This prosperous period lasted for 250 years, which included the construction and opening of the stone building in 1550 that is seen today on holy ground dating back to the 11th century.

As is the case with many old buildings, the construction seen today is different from the one built in 1550. Over the years there have been many additions and changes and the church we see today contains some fantastic Gothic architecture as well as many beautiful stained-glass windows and other features that have been added over the centuries.

More information about the church and surrounding area can be found at the Friends of St Dunstan’s website.

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