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cats bright whiskers

Black and White Cats

A gallery of photos featuring black and white cats of all shapes and sizes, in various positions and situations. The black and …

2 old blokes sitting by the pigeons

Brian and Albert

Their typical day would consist firstly of going to the market to smooch around and check out any bargains, possibly detouring for …

swanling relaxing

Swanling Relaxing

Swanling or cygnet relaxing and keeping his beak warm by tucking it under his wing.

swan in sunlight

Swan in Sunlight

A beam of sunlight beautifully catching the face and neck of a white swan, highlighting the tiny droplets of water freckled across …


Chatty, Friendly, Thoughtful, Eccentric


Philosophical, Nature-loving, Happy-go-lucky, Thoughtful


Friendly, Gregarious, Idealistic, Genuine


Intense, Passionate, Enthusiastic, Cosmic

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