Black and White Cats

A gallery of photos featuring black and white cats of all shapes and sizes, in various positions and situations. The black and white cat is a common site in the uk, one of the most common colours of cat. This type of colouration is known by many names – bi-colour, piebald, skewbald – and can be applied to certain pure-breeds and all mixed breed mongrel cats. Regarding pedigree cats, some breeds are noted for having bi-colour coats in their breeding standards, e.g. Manx, American Shorthair. These standards often require a particular quality of coat patternation, for example, a “tuxedo” pattern will have approximately an 80 percent black and  20 percent white mix with a pure black coat on the main body and white on the face, belly, chest, throat and paws only. Other breeds will accept specific single colour coats only because they are a distinct characteristic of the breed e.g. British Blue, Russian Blue.

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